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This parser API is entirely event based. You must hook events to receive data.
The INI file format is defined as: WHITESPACE: 0x20, \n, \t, \r IDENTIFIER: A-Z a-z 0-9 _ - , + . $ ? / STRING : Any set of symbols Basic syntax is comprised of SECTIONs. A SECTION is defined as: [SECTIONNAME] OPTION OPTION OPTION... SECTIONNAME is an IDENTIFIER. OPTION can be repeated any number of times, once per line. OPTION is defined as one of: KEY = "VALUE" KEY = VALUE KEY Where KEY is an IDENTIFIER and VALUE is a STRING. WHITESPACE should always be omitted. COMMENTS should be stripped, and are defined as text occurring in: ;<TEXT> Example file below. Note that the second line is technically invalid. The event handler must decide whether this should be allowed. --FILE BELOW-- [gaben] hi = clams bye = "NO CLAMS" [valve] cannot maintain products
Parser invalid code.