native menu_create(const title[], const handler[], ml=0);


@brief Creates a new menu object.

The handler function should be prototyped as:

public <function>(id, menu, item)
 id     - Client the menu is being acted upon.
 menu   - Menu resource identifier.
 item   - Item the client selected.  If less than 0, the menu was 
          cancelled and the item is a status code.  menu_display 
          should never be called immediately if the item is a status 
          code, for re-entrancy reasons.

The handler function should always return PLUGIN_HANDLED to block 
any old menu handlers from potentially feeding on the menu, unless 
that is the desired functionality.

@param title         Title the menu should use.
@param handler       Name of the handler function.  The function will be invoked 
                     once and only once to every menu_display() call.
@param ml            Unused (should be 0).
@return              Menu resource identifier which must be destroyed via 
                     menu_destroy().  All menus are destroyed when the plugin 
@error               Function name not found.