List of constants in

Menu properties for using in menu_setprop
Number of items per page (param1 = number, 0=no paginating, 7=default)
Name of the back button (param1 = string)
Name of the next button (param1 = string)
Name of the exit button (param1 = string)
Exit functionality (param1 = number, see MEXIT constants)
Sets whether colors are not auto (param1 = number, 0=default)
Color indicator to use for numbers (param1 = string, "\r"=default)
Function to be called on Back and Next (param1 = string) public function(id, status); where status is either MENU_BACK or MENU_MORE Pass NULL_STRING to disable the callback
Whether to show the page number in menu title (param1 = bool, true = default)
This function has no description.